Interactive White Board Technology

"Schools today need to connect with students who don't know life without video games, the internet, and iPods. Interactive white boards appear to engage today's digital natives with increased learning as the outcome." America's Digital Schools 2008

Interactive whiteboards affect learning in several ways, including raising the level of student engagement in a classroom,
motivating students and promoting enthusiasm for learning. Interactive whiteboards support many different learning styles
and are used in a variety of learning environments, including those catering to students with hearing and visual impairments.
Research also indicates that notes taken on an interactive whiteboard can play a key role in the student review process, lead-
ing to higher levels of student attendance. In addition to the observed positive impacts on student learning, research shows that

designing lessons around interactive whiteboards helps educators streamline their preparation, be more efficient in their Information
and Communication Technology (ICT) integration and increase their productivity overall.
Last fall Dr. Robert Marzano began a multi-year study to determine the effectiveness of the Promethean's IWB and student response systems as a tool to help improve student achievement. The results are nothing short of amazing!

The study found that students taught using the IWB achieved an average of 17 percentile points higher than students taught by the same teacher, teaching the same content, using traditional methods. An experienced teacher can expect even greater results.

Additionally, the study conclusion states even larger gains if the following conditions are in place:

  • a teacher has 10 years or more of teaching experience

  • a teacher has used the technology for two years or more

  • a teacher uses the technology between 75 and 80 percent of the time in his or her classroom

  • a teacher has high confidence in his or her ability to use the technology” (Marzano, 2009).

The “relatively large percentile gains in student achievement under the above conditions caused by the Promethean's IWB and student response system is a “29 percentile gain.” This is an extraordinarily high gain in academic achievement.

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