Welcome to January MUGs MUGs January Recording Click HereI am so excited to announce that we now have every classroom teacher and hopefully all of our special education teachers now trained on the use of our Mimio hardware and software. Hopefully by now everyone has downloaded the new Studio 7 software.If you haven't, you will need to do so because any lessons that you find on my MUGs pages will no longer open in Studio 6. Please check out my Studio 7 videos. You will find them listed in the table of contents on the right side of this wiki.Also since our group is so large now, I am going to change our MUGs format a bit.I will be asking for questions or problems that you may be having ahead of time so that I can prepare the answers for you. We will then meet in a live discussion using Elluminate online software.You will be sent the link to connect to this live session. If you miss the session, I will post a link on here each month to the recording of the MUGs session. Below you will find some new lessons and gallery items I have for you.Remember when you load gallery items into your studio 7, you will find them under the tab titled: New Content Packs. Gallery Packs

New LessonsClothesPinSpelling is a Mimio File full of template pages that can be adapted to yourspelling words. Work especially well with Making Words, but I am sure you will comeup with some great ideas.

Hard C and G introduces, practices and assesses your students understanding ofthis phonetic concept.January in Kindergarten is a mixture of activities centered around a winter theme.

Two-digit Subtraction allows the teacher to model, practice. assess and apply students' transference of the skill to word problems.

Working with Attribute blocks. You will love this manipulative lesson.

Working with Money - Great lesson for 1st and 2nd graders

This file contains templates to help you with ideas for your activities.